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We provide the following links for immigration-related resources that may assist our clients and other interested persons.  

I. General Government

http://www.firstgov.gov - This is the U.S. government’s official web portal. It gives access to all federal government branches and to the individual state governments. One can also use this site to locate a particular elected representative and senator.

II. Special Immigration Sites:

www.uscis.gov: This is the Immigration Service’s official homepage. It provides access to a case status inquiry system, a list of processing dates, immigration forms and fees, the Infopass scheduler, and a “Guide for New Immigrants.”

www.state.gov: This is the official homepage of the State Department, our official foreign services agency. The site gives information about all the American embassies and consulates abroad. It also gives information about visas, American passports, and travel warnings. Most important is the “Visa Bulletin,” showing the movement of the priority dates of the various immigrant visa categories. An official website of this agency more specifically focused on visa information is www.travel.state.gov.

III. Other Government links

www.socialsecurity.gov - This is the homepage for the Social Security Administration. It has info about social security procedures and related forms, such as the SS-5, the application for a social security card.

www.irs.gov - This is the homepage of the Internal Revenue Service. It has info about income tax requirements and official forms, such as the W-7 (to request a taxpayer ID number when one cannot apply for a social security number).

www.sss.gov - This is the homepage for the Selective Service System (military registration). Participation in the military is voluntary at this time. However, almost all men between the ages of 18 and 26, whether residing in the USA with or without lawful residency, are required to register. It is a legal obligation. Men can be denied many public benefits, such as student aid and naturalization, if registration is neglected.

www.dmv.ca.gov - The homepage for the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

  IV. Attorney Organizations;

www.calbar.ca.gov - The official homepage of the public organization regulating California licensed attorneys. It provides a list of all California attorneys as well as certified specialists in different legal areas, including Immigration and Nationality Law. All attorneys at Schoenleber & Waltermire, P.C. are active members of this association.

www.aila.org - This is the official website of the major national organization of American immigration lawyers. It provides current immigration news and a pathway to communicate with your elected representatives in Congress about immigration matters. All of the attorneys at Schoenleber & Waltermire, P.C., are active members of this organization.

  V. Immigration News/Recent Changes

http://news.yahoo.com/fc/US/Immigration - This is a Yahoo news website which provides a comprehensive summary of recent immigration-related news and articles.

www.ilrc.org - This is the homepage for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. It is a nationally -recognized non-profit organization which helps immigrants and their representatives to understand immigration law, including recent changes. It also seeks to protect immigrants from being victimized by unscrupulous immigration service providers.

www.bibdaily.com - This Lexis/Nexus publication, Benders Immigration Bulletin Daily, provides daily updates regarding immigration law changes and interpretations. It is more directed at legal professionals, but the public is welcome to view it.